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Fringe Benefits Tax... Are you assessable?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013    Accounting,Tax

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is applicable when an employer provides benefits to employees. If you employ anyone including family members, you may be subject to FBT.

Butlers Accountants have designed a quick and easy online checklist form to determine if you should be discussing FBT with our staff.

The areas that employers often provide FBT and are not aware include:

1. Providing motor vehicles to staff and family members

2. Providing accommodation, travel, gifts to employees.

3. Paying for meals and entertainment when meeting with clients and staff.

If you would like to assess whether you may be assessable for FBT, please complete the FBT Survey form link below.

FBT returns are due on 21 May 2013.

Many options are available for clients to manage and negate the extra cost of preparing and lodging an FBT return.

Click here for the FBT Survey link