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How Secure is your business data?

Friday, 15 February 2013   

Last week we were notified by our building security that our office alarm went off. Thoughts were consumed by the physical assets we have in the office, namely our computer systems, ipads, printers and other hardware, and of course the most important piece to business - the data.

All our data is scanned into electronic format. A mammoth task achieved over the last 9 months. Many accounting firms are traditional in a sense that records, files and accounts are stored in filing cabinets.

People often view physical security as tighter than digital security. However, fire, sledgehammers and lockpickers are not able to get into a Cloud. To be on par with digital measures you need backups every day, multiple copies of data stored offsite and the ease of gaining access to data in under 15 minutes.

Butlers Accountants is coming to the rescue with a NEW RANGE OF SERVICES to scan your data into electronic format and have your data stored on a Cloud.

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