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New ASIC Fees from 1 July 2018

Monday, 11 June 2018   

From 1 July 2018, some ASIC fees will increase. For most companies the annual review fee will increase from $254 to $263, late payment penalties will also increase.

For a full list of all the ASIC fee changes on the most common lodgements  click here.

If you are a company directors - we remind office holders of their obligations that you need to let us (or ASIC) know if there are any changes to your:

1. Registered Office Address (If you are not using Butlers Accountants as your registered office)

2. Contact Address

3. Principal Place of Business: and

4. Office holders residential address/members addresses.

 At Butlers Accountants, Talisa Donnelly is our dedicated ASIC Compliance officer. You can email your Company Secretarial queries directly to Talisa at talisad@butlersca.com.au or by phoning the office on 07 5536 2288.