I met Brendan when I moved to Australia 4 years ago. I rely on Brendan’s ideas and advice for my financial decisions after having him guide me through some tough times in my business. Brendan’s ability to own every situation in every facet of my business is outstanding and makes life as a business owner very easy. He has an innate ability to “think outside the box” with new and fresh ideas and approaches. Brendan has an intimate knowledge of my business, and then still asks why? His network and knowledge has taken away that stress and allowed my to focus on growing an international brand.

Du’aine Ladejo, Creator “Australia’s Greatest Athlete” TV Show and Former UK Olympian

I have worked in partnership with Brendan in varying strategies and cases, from tax strategies, fraud investigation, partnership dissolutions and general business advice. I have found Brendan will give 100% commitment to finding the least risk and beneficial outcome for his clients whether it involves $10 or $10 million dollars.In my experience he does represent “ more profit and less tax”. He is an optimist and a realist with a truck load of experience. Our relationship is 2 way advice on varying matters.

David Hughes Tax Law Specialist, SMH Lawyers Southport

I am the operator of All Size Sheds, a business that specializes in onsite and shipping container storage. Since moving to Australia from south Africa 10 years ago, Brendan has been a source of constant information of our integration into the Australian Taxation System. In 2011 we implemented a computerized management system (Storman) to replace the old paper card system. Brendan managed this project for us and ensured a seamless integration into out operating systems and the MYOB accounting package. Having someone with the Business and IT knowledge like Brendan took 90% of the stress out of this process.

Paul Strode, All Size Sheds

The team at Butlers Accountants always go above and beyond. Recently I asked what I thought was an off the cuff quick question and have been blown away with the astute, speedy response full of all the information I needed. Brendan and his team don't just do Accounting, they do Customer Service with some Accounting mixed in and their knowledge of business practices in general is also an added bonus.

Raelene Hopper, Bred Bakeries

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